Over 40 years of experience: oscillating power tools from FEIN.

Backed by the unique experience acquired over more than 40 years of oscillation technology, FEIN offers three systems FEIN MultiMaster, FEIN SuperCut Construction and FEIN SuperCut Automotive - which make up an unbeatably versatile and powerful range of oscillating power tools. Each system is synonymous with professional application solutions and unrivalled load handling with a solution for every requirement. The FEIN SuperCut is the specialist for interior work with wood, repairing/replacing windows, tile restoration/bathroom renovation, heating/sanitary installation, grout renewal, marine applications and vehicle glazing. As a universal system, the FEIN MultiMaster is the right choice for everyone who strives for a versatile, professional tool. A wide range of accessories opens up a multitude of possible applications.

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The FEIN MultiMaster is the universal system for interior work and renovation. Experience its versatility and durable quality.

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